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Just because you run a content site doesn’t mean you have to be a good writer. That sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right? “I have a content site but I don’t write the content.”

But don’t think of it that way, and don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to be the author of your posts on your website. You are responsible for the success of your website, and that may mean you need to outsource areas of the website for it to be successful.

Think of it as a football game. The coach of the team does not play, but that doesn’t meant the coach doesn’t know how to play. This means the coach is responsible for making sure the players do their respective jobs so that the team, as a whole, can be a success.

The same goes for your website. So if you need to outsource an area of your website for it to be successful, don’t let anyone make you feel like you shouldn’t.

Now, stepping off of our proverbial soap box, let’s discuss what you could (and should) outsource!

Content Writer

First, let’s talk about outsourcing content. Content relates to any type of post that will be featured on your website. These posts can be product reviews, opinion pieces, informational articles, how-to guides, or anything in between.

content writer typing articles

Your website will need frequently posted content to stay relevant and, let’s face it, you don’t always have time to write the content. This is where outsourcing a writer to write the content will pay dividends.

As the website owner, you may need to focus on monetizing aspects of your website, such as advertising resources or promotional posts. Outsourcing the content of your blog to a hired writer will help your website succeed; especially if your writer produces quality content!

If you’re looking for some sources for your content, check out our extensive report on the best content writers. Want a quick fix? We love Content Refined for higher-level content and FreeeUp for more basic content.

Virtual Assistant Tasks

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more predominant among the workforce. Virtual assistants can work remotely (typically from home) and handle those tasks that are easy and primarily administrative, yet can take up valuable time.

If you hire a virtual assistant they take care of various administrative tasks. A virtual assistant can answer emails, return phone calls, check voicemails, schedule meetings, organize spreadsheets, process payroll, and take care of any other tasks that need facilitated.

virtual assistant working

It might be wise to develop a list of tasks that you could potentially outsource to an virtual assistant. What aspects of your business do you need help with and are willing to outsource?

Virtual assistants can be hired for affordable rates and can be used as little or as much as possible. Virtual assistants make a great addition to any business because of their affordability and effectiveness.

We are loving our newest VA source find: iWorker. You can check them out here. They are a socially-minded agency and we love that!

Social Media Manager

Another aspect of your business that you may not have time to oversee is the use of social media.

Social media is huge when it comes to marketing and networking. If it weren’t for social media, no one would know what the term “going viral” means. (They would think going viral was describing the rapid spreading of the flu virus.)

Sometimes the most innocent post can go viral without even trying. No hashtags, no account tags; just pure, honest content. Unfortunately, your social media post can’t go viral if it no one is running your social media accounts.

social media

Having an online presence and social media strategy is important for any business, especially those that are solely run online. A social media manager can help by marketing your business, managing various social networks, and responding to potential customers.

This area of your website can be outsourced to an individual person or your virtual assistant. You can give your social media manager as little or as much control over your social media accounts as you feel comfortable.

We like iWorker, Fiverr and FreeeUp for these tasks. Again, check out our longer post on curated tools to include outsourcing options for more info.

Why Should I Consider Outsourcing?

Outsourcing at least one of these areas will help you focus on other areas of your website. Maybe you are an Amazon Affiliate and need to gather links to promote the next round of Amazon products, but you can’t find the time to do this because you are constantly juggling social media posts and writing new content for your website.

Adding just one content writer or social media manager to your staff will give you more time to focus on other important areas of your site. Also, your strengths may lie in advertisements or marketing strategies rather than writing quality content, so why not focus on your strengths rather than forcing your weaknesses?

Virtual assistants are almost a necessity for anyone with an ecommerce business. Even if your website isn’t ecommerce, you can still benefit from a virtual assistant.

How to Choose an Outsourcing Account Manager

Hiring someone you have never met to perform impactful tasks related to your website can be scary, so how do you know who to trust for this task?

The good news is that outsourcing and virtual assistants are growing professions, so reputable websites like Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder have postings for these positions all the time.

As an employer seeking an individual to manage various aspects of the website, you can advertise this opportunity on any of these websites for individuals to apply accordingly. In addition, these websites also give prospective employees the opportunity to post their resume and/or portfolio for you to view and request an interview.

Therefore, if there is an individual who fits the outsourcing task you need, you can seek them out and discuss the opportunity with them through one of these websites. You could have a virtual staff working for you in no time!

Outsourcing: Letting Go Can Be Hard to Do

If you struggle with the thought of not being the sole creator of every aspect of your website (and believe me, we get it), then try to remember that teamwork makes the dream work. Just because you aren’t the sole creator of each area doesn’t mean that you did not have your hand in its success.

Your website can be exponentially more successful if you outsource areas of your website that either A) you lack in, or B) you don’t have time for.

Even if you do outsource at the beginning to get your website up and running, you can always scale it back once you feel like you have a handle on things. Or you might find that it is really taking off and you need more help creating content or managing your social media profiles.

If you can think of at least one area of your website that could benefit from being outsourced, then you should absolutely give outsourcing a try.

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